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From Laurel Chambers

Places in the Mist is a collection of poems organized by the places where the author, Laurel Chambers, has lived.  However, it is much more about the person she was and is at the various stages in life from  childhood through maturity.  We all make homes at different times and with different people, and we become almost a different person at each one of these stops. Available now for pre-order at Finishing Line Press‘s website.


From Mark Lehman

Though he describes himself as an “amateur”, Mark Louis Lehman has been writing poems, composing music, and telling stories for over a half-century. To this he adds: I’m a slow learner. Readers of this selection of his poems, however, will notice at once the surprising variety and pungent flavor of his many voices as they range from comedy and warmth to wit and irony, darker visions of existential dread and, at last, elegiac serenity. Order now on

**Finalist for 2022 Indie Book Awards** Congratulations to Mark!


From Alexandra McIntosh

A longing for wonder and communion with the natural world can be felt throughout the pages of Alexandra McIntosh’s debut poetry collection, Bowlfuls of Blue. Newness within routine is a frequent return in McIntosh’s work. Like long conversations with traveling companions, recurring words and refrains mirror the cyclical experience of life in a human body, as well as the nature of the entire cosmos. Order now from Assure Press.


From Roberta Schultz

Underscore is one poet’s attempt to explore the currents that swirl underneath the surface of everyday life.  When do our voices breathe in unison, when do they diverge into counterpoint?

How do the events of our lives chorus into through-composed pieces without reprise or return to familiar themes? When do we finally sing along with the unmistakable music of the spheres?  In her first full-length collection, Roberta Schultz begins by looking “in instead of up” at the cadences we underline and define as our own. Out now from Dos Madres Press.